Gloses d’auteur. L’exemplaire du Cours annoté par Louis Hjelmslev

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Lorenzo Cigana Estanislao Sofia Sune Gregersen Carolina Martín Gallego Víctor Pérez Béjar


A copy of the Cours de linguistique générale has been found in 2016 in Amsterdam. Internal evidences lead us to believe it was the copy belonging to Danish linguist Louis Hjelmslev. The aim of this paper is to discuss this attribution, by resuming Hjelmslev’s biography and academic career (§2) in order to show the plausibility of such hypothesis (§3). We then present (§4) a transcription of the textual occurrences (signs and glosses) found therein, the most relevant of which will be briefly analysed on a conceptual point of view in our final commentary (§5).


Glosses, Hjelmslev, Saussure, Course in General Linguistics

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Comment citer

Cigana, L., Sofia, E., Gregersen, S., Gallego, C.M. et Béjar, V.P. 2021. Gloses d’auteur. L’exemplaire du <i>Cours</i&gt; annoté par Louis Hjelmslev. Cahiers Ferdinand de Saussure. 72, (juill. 2021), 9-56. DOI:
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