La syntaxe sémiologique de L. J. Prieto

Une théorie de la connaissance des objets composés

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Emanuele Fadda


The article revisits a proposal by Luís J. Prieto for the (re)definition of syntax, dated 1988-1989. Prieto’s idea deserves to be reclaimed for multiple reasons: the resemblance of what he calls “phonological syntax” with what is called today “prosodic phonology”; the way in which it helps to understand the Hjelmslevian principle of biplanarity (heteroplane function); and, most of all, its semiotic value, which goes beyond the strictly linguistic level and makes it a fundamental notion for a semiotic theory of knowledge.


L. J. Prieto, Syntax, Semiotics, Prosodical Phonology, Theory of Knowledge

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Comment citer

Fadda, E. 2022. La syntaxe sémiologique de L. J. Prieto. Cahiers Ferdinand de Saussure. 74, (déc. 2022), 77-94. DOI:
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