Termes et théories de Ferdinand de Saussure dans le Manuel d’accentuation Grecque de Bally

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Silvia Piccini


In 1945 Charles Bally published his last work, the Manuel d’accentuation grecque. In this small handbook of almost 130 pages, the laws and the principles governing the accent in Greek are described in a clear and innovative way, through the introduction of new categories and new terms. This article aims at demonstrating that the original approach used by Bally in his handbook was strongly influenced by the ideas that Saussure elaborated during his Course of Lithuanian held at the University of Geneva in 1901-1902.


Charles Bally, Manuel d’accentuation grecque, Greek accent, Lithuanian accent, Saussure’s Course of Lithuanian, acrotonic accent, mesotonic accent

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Comment citer

Piccini, S. 2021. Termes et théories de Ferdinand de Saussure dans le <i>Manuel d’accentuation Grecque</i&gt; de Bally. Cahiers Ferdinand de Saussure. 73, (déc. 2021), 85-103. DOI:https://doi.org/10.47421/CFS73_85-103.
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