L’Hétérogénéité du langage : enjeux de la neurolinguistique

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Anne-Gaëlle Toutain


This article proposes an epistemological analysis of the organicism of cognitive neurosciences in the form given to them by the work of Jean-Pierre Changeux and Stanislas Dehaene. We show first of all that the latter implies a maintenance of the dualism that he would like to put an end to. We then insist on the importance of the Saussurean theorization of language for neurolinguistics. This theorization allows a theoretical elaboration of the heterogeneity of language, and thus a break with the empiricism of dualism, of which the distinction between the humanities and the hard sciences, as understood by the reductionists, can be considered as an avatar.


Cognitive neurosciences, epistemology, dualism, organicism, value

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Comment citer

Toutain, A.-G. 2021. L’Hétérogénéité du langage : enjeux de la neurolinguistique. Cahiers Ferdinand de Saussure. 73, (déc. 2021), 161-178. DOI:https://doi.org/10.47421/CFS73_161-178.
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