Vers une image nouvelle de la réception du CLG (1916) en Italie

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Giuseppe Cosenza


Italian Linguistics before 1950 is still considered “asaussurean”, an adjective created in 1963 by Leroy to synthesize its peculiarities. In order to highlight the role of Italian Linguistics in the debate of general linguistics at that time, many latest essays on linguistics historiography in Italy aim to reevaluate those years, especially in relations to Saussure’s thought. With this article, I am bringing out two new aspects on the issue. The first one concerns with the Italian reception of the first edition of Course in general linguistics (1916, CGL): until now, the only reference is the review by Terracini (1919) while I intend to show that there are three more writings still neglected. The second one is the state of the art of this historiographical reevaluation, especially the one that concerns with the diffusion of Saussure’s thought in Italy before 1950.


CGL reception, Italian Linguistics, Goidànich, History of Linguistics, General Linguistics

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Comment citer

Cosenza, G. 2021. Vers une image nouvelle de la réception du <i>CLG</i&gt; (1916) en Italie. Cahiers Ferdinand de Saussure. 72, (juill. 2021), 57-74. DOI:
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